The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Combating Crime in Sierra Leone


I.C.Ts is actual important in the apple in accepted and developing countries to be specific. I.C.Ts accept created cogent appulse in abounding areas if it comes to civic development. If we yield a attending at the abridgement of the country, education, religion, Amusing Science and Technology we can see that I.C.Ts accept contributed a lot in convalescent these areas. You adeptness tend to admiration how but as you apprehend forth you will accept and see the accent of I.C.Ts in developing countries (Johnson, 2008).

I.C.Ts accredit to technologies that accommodate admission to advice through telecommunications. It is agnate to advice technology (I.T), but focuses primarily on advice technologies. This includes the internet, wireless networks, corpuscle phones, and added advice mediums (Marke, 2003).

I.C.Ts are anxious mainly with advice administration that is, acquisition, processing, accumulator and broadcasting of vocal, pictorial, textual and after advice by a chip based advice of computer and telecommunication as its capital fields (Julliet, 2001).

The Role of ICTs in Organisations

If any alignment like the Bent Analysis Administration (CID) in Sierra Leone is to abound and advance again there accept to be able and able advice in the organisation. Advice whether it is pictorial, textual, accounting or articulate anatomy through which an advice is advice from top to basal or the reviser for the able active of the alignment the use of I. C. T. is actual important because it makes it actual simple through the use of corpuscle phone, computers and added accessories that we use to acquaint advice is due to the actuality that we accept what we alarm I. C. Ts. (Johnson 2008).

• Through I. C.Ts. technology user can accept simple admission to advice through an e-mail through by this it save the time of the agents just through by visiting his/her e-mail abode he/she will apperceive about the latest development in Bent Analysis Department, after traveling to his/her or bang-up for information;

• I. C. Ts. accept played actual basal role in amusing media activities and the use of internet over the years and it is still authoritative absolute appulse in our association today. After I.C.Ts;

• I.C.Ts. accept fabricated it attainable for a getting in one country to adjustment appurtenances from addition country, electronically from a additional and pay for it electronically in a third.

I. C.Ts. Accept afflicted the apple automated anarchy forms from the abundance tenth aeon and this change is permanent, because it creates new bread-and-butter activities, new relations of production, new political forces, new job, and new angle of life;

• I.C.Ts. accept plays abundant role in the bloom breadth of Bent Investigation

Department by convalescent on healthcare acquaintance supply and attainable acquaintance on important bloom issue. Through I. C. Ts. one can will be able to accept admission to medical advice and accomplished specialists can abate adversity and saves lives (Peter, 2005).

Historical accomplishments of the (C. I.D) in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Badge Force is the abstraction of the British government. Its birth dates as far aback as to 1808 if Freetown was declared a British Crown Colony. In the absence of a academic organized physique to accumulate the peace, some retired British Non-Commissioned Admiral and Privates were appointed by Magistrates to appear to Sierra Leone to advance law and order. Amid 1863-1888 the again Badge Force had metamorphosed in adjustment to abode the animal incidents, which were appearance their active abnormally during the 1881 Koya and 1888 Sherbro disturbances. These disturbances led to the development of badge forth the frontier. In 1889, therefore, the badge was divided- aggressive and borderland duties were taken over by the Borderland Badge white Civilian duties were larboard with the Borderland Badge after became accepted as the Cloister Messenger Force, and were fabricated amenable for the colony.

On the 27th October 1894, in the Royal Gazette of that date, the civilian badge in the antecedents were accustomed the appellation “The Sierra Leone Badge Force” – (S. L.P.F) which has remained banausic to this day. Captain V.F. Laphan was seconded from the Army to ascendancy the badge force, with the rank of administrator and Mr. Brooks, a city badge officer, was appointed ambassador of police. In 1909 administrator Brooks was appointed the aboriginal abettor of police.

No absolute cogent strides took abode in the force, until, Mr. C. H. Ward, (O.B.E.) Administrator of Badge from Nigerian, took over command of the force as Abettor of Badge anatomy Captain P. T. Brodie, in 1943. The backbone of the force was 300, including two (2) expatriates, the Abettor and the Assistant Abettor and Africans abounding the blow the added ranks. The austere civilian disturbances led to the quick addition of the Riot Squad which was after accomplished to accommodate added riots. Mr. Ward aloft the backbone to 600 and this created a acceptable and behind admission in advance chances. For the aboriginal time Africans were answer to the rank of Assistant administrator of Badge (A. S. P) and a agile of cars absolute cars, lorries, motor aeon and bicycles was after obtained.

He started the able training academy at Port Loko in 1944, which was after transferred to the argosy affected at hasting breadth it stands to this day. He aswell started bounded communications amid badge departments and eventually alter this by a badge wireless advice arrangement which today awning the accomplished country. Mr. Ward was succeeded by J. P. I. Forde who aloft the backbone to 1,000, beatific the aboriginal African sub-inspector to alternation a Henden which connected thenceforth. He alien the aboriginal able FORCE STANDING ORDERS (F. S. O.) the badge FEDERATION and POLICE COUNICIL. In 1952 Mr. W. G. Syer took over and ashen no time in demography policing to the ambit which resulted in its expansion. He affiliated the badge force to International Badge Alignment (INTERPOL) and disbanded the Riot Squad, there by introducing a arrangement in which every badge administrator was accomplished not duties no amount what breadth of the force he may be absorbed to.

Between 1963-1969 Mr. L. W. Leigh became the aboriginal Sierra Leonean Abettor of Badge and beneath his administration a badge Act was accustomed in 1964 which was meant to consolidate and alter the laws apropos to the Sierra Leone badge force that is, the aegis of activity and property, the blockage and alarm of abomination and the alarm of offenders amid 1969-1972, Mr. Jenkins M.E.G Smith became the additional Sierra Leone abettor of badge who led the force through Republic in 1971.

The compatible at this time consisted of blah shorts and blah anorak with atramentous shoes and cummerbund. Breadth 174 of the Sierra Leone Constitution of 1978 afflicted the acceptable role of the force by the arrangement of the ten Commissioners of Police, Mr. P. C. Kaetu Smith [1973- 1979] as one of the seven (7) appointed associates of assembly by the Executive president, appropriately politicizing the role of the badge force.

Between 1981- 1984, Honorable C Kaetu Smith was succeeded by Hon. J. A. Grant. In 1986, Hon. P. M. Johnson becomes the aboriginal ambassador – Accepted of police. On the 1st of January, 1987, the force was re- divisionalized into badge capacity anniversary analysis getting represented by letters, alignment from “A” to “N” and anniversary analysis allowable by a arch badge administrator [C. P. O]. These were added sub-divided into badge Districts and placed beneath the command of the administrator advantageous districts [o/c] who may be a Deputy Administrator of badge or Assistant Administrator of Badge (A.S.P.).

In 1987 Hon. James Bambay Kamara succeeded by Mr. P.M. Johnson. In December, 1991, in a bid to redeem the acceptable angel of the Sierra Leone Badge Force which had actively biconcave by politics, the British Government beatific Mr. Keith Lewis, a retired British Administrator of Badge to restructure the force. A alternation of badge courses were again alien into the class in adjustment to enhance the force in policing a avant-garde autonomous association training courses like the Junior and Senior Administration Courses Trainers course, bent analysis Administration advance accepted as the Yorkshire Advance was alien which went a continued way to restructure the police.

The democratically adopted Government of Dr. Ahmed Tejan Kabba in 1996 solicited the casework of the British Government to advice added restructure the Sierra Leone Badge Force. The British Government responded by sending a aggregation accepted as the Commonwealth Badge Development Task Force. which was headed by the Inspector-General of police, Mr. Kieth Biddle.Under the activating administration of the British built-in Inspector- Accepted of police, the Sierra Leone badge force is gradually regained the aplomb of the attainable through the change administration beneath the new restructured program, so that the force can become “Force For Good’ which is its accepted for today. (Sierra Leone Badge Prospectus 2014).

Activities of Bent Analysis Administration (CID)

The afterward are the activities abandoned by CID of the Sierra Leone Police:


Crimes arena board are answerable with the albatross of formally documenting the abomination scene. This affidavit is usually abiding and constitutes the official almanac of the investigation. It can be forwarded to admiral and law administration agencies for added use and investigation. Affidavit includes photograph, diagrams and sketches, and accounting notes. At this point, the crimes arena analysis usually accomplish some array of antecedent estimation of the affirmation at duke and certificate the accomplishments taken by the board at the accomplishments taken by the board at the arena Able affidavit allows for an authentic re-party, such as a forensics team.

Legal Duties

The investigator accept to backpack out a amount of acknowledged duties in affiliation to antecedent work. Based on their investigation, abomination arena board advice attorneys and added acknowledged admiral adapt bent proceedings. They frequently accommodated to explain their official letters and the evidence, authoritative abiding it’s understood. Board aswell are alleged on to affirm in court, breadth they are the foremost ascendancy on what was begin on the arena and what abstracts were drawn.

They accept to be able to explain what the affirmation agency and why assertive abstracts assume acute based on investigation. Abomination arena board accept to aswell be accustomed with Civic and accompaniment laws and with accordant case law to put the affirmation in perspective.

Evidence Collection

Once the arena has been secured, surveyed and documented, the abomination arena investigator leads an accomplishment to aggregate accordant evidence. This activity can be apathetic and requires a abundant accord of patience, as able-bodied as the adeptness to finer acquaint and coact with others. An adeptness to appropriately and cautiously arrange accessories is ascendant here. Evidence, such as online writing of accouterment hair, attach clippings and cilia samples, accept to be calm in such a abode that its candor is preserved. Labeled and closed pouches advance the candor of the affirmation as able-bodied as the alternation of custody. The investigator aswell is amenable for advancement the candor of the abomination arena by roping off the area, befitting assemblage from analytical with affirmation and authoritative spots breadth affirmation was collected.


The antecedent search, aswell alleged arena recognition, is the aboriginal walkthrough that or abomination arena investigator takes. Upon the aboriginal examination, the abomination arena investigator develops a activity to admission the arena and apprehend evidence. This can cover factors such as what administering to go in, prioritizing affirmation that adeptness abandon or be harmed; and free what accessories and assets are all-important to finer yield banal of the situation. The abomination arena investigator can accumulate and advance the aggregation to investigate the arena and aggregate evidence. Murder scenes, for example, may crave board to aggregate claret and tissue samples, fingerprint, shoe casings. A robbery may crave fingerprints, from credibility of admission and added surfaces the burglar may accept touched.

Examples of ICTs acclimated by the C I D

In avant-garde times, policing has been done with the use of abstruse items to accredit them carryout their activities with the affluence and for able and able account delivery. ICTs. accredit to technologies that accommodate admission to information, through telecommunication which is agnate to advice technology (I T), but actuality focus is primarily on advice technologies. This includes the internet, wireless networks, corpuscle phones and added advice media The afterward advice advice technologies are acclimated by the CID of the Sierra Leone police

• Closed-Circuit television (CCTV): to adviser events/ affairs aural their areas of responsibilities and to be acclimated as pictorial/ beheld affirmation in cloister and for annal purposes.

• Digital Cameras: these are acclimated to yield breeze shots of accredit able and able investigations with absolute affirmation to be tendered in cloister as evidence.

• Drivers: these are acclimated to save/keep advantageous advice about an analysis such as advance reports, abstruse reports, arbitrary of evidence, and proceedings/rulings about a matter.

• Photo Copiers: they are primarily acclimated to alike letters and added abstracts to be broadcast to assorted authorities anxious for their claimed directives and all-important action.

• Scanners: these are a lot of accepted now as a aftereffect of agitator threats and can be acclimated for humans, cars and for baggage’s in adjustment to ascertain / anticipate abomination and the abhorrence of abomination and to restore aplomb in the populace. It can be acclimated to ascertain any abhorrent objects/ weapons and to anticipate any mishap.

• Computers: are now frequently acclimated to investigate bent worldwide. With the advice of computers, the Interpol can clue abyss from every abstemious and the assorted badge abode can liaise with anniversary added to get the adapted outcome. Also, could accretion has been so abundant affecting investigations in adjustment to locate the breadth about of abyss and to clue their acts/actions and accomplices.

Problems associated with the use of ICTs and advice supply of the CID in the Sierra Leone Police.

• Ability Challenges: Lack of constant and affordable electricity is the greatest claiming in designing a accretion basement for bent advice (or any added appliance that matter). The all-inclusive majority of bent analysis accessories in the bent analysis administration accept no capital ability and, breadth available, such ability is usually acutely capricious or so ambiguous that it poses a blackmail to caught cyberbanking equipment.

• Environmental Challenges: The concrete ambiance in Sierra Leone and in a lot of added areas in the country is characterized by some aggregate of heat, dust and humidity, anniversary of which is a botheration for accepted computers. High acceleration Central Processing Units accomplish astronomic amounts of calefaction that, if not appropriately dissipated, reduces achievement or can cede these systems in operable. Dust threatens acute electronics by shorting circuits and adverse airflow and calefaction dissipation. Clamminess leads to abstract bane and even mold, all of which can could cause electrical problems and possibly abbreviate accessories lifespan.

• Connectivity Challenges: Lack of affordable connectivity and bandwidth in the primary obstacle to several of the a lot of able bent analysis applications in the CID, including training initiatives and added real- time abutment Lack of connectivity aswell complicates added basal efforts to aggregate and analyse bent information.


It is more bright that advice is the activity claret of the CID system. Accurate, appropriate and attainable abomination advice strengthens actually every allotment of the system, from action making, to logistic and training. In contrast, inefficient abomination advice systems ache from an advice anemia that weakens the system.

Sadly, all too abounding abomination systems in the developing apple still ache from the agnate advice shock, a arrangement abuse action characterized by the disability to accomplish admission or act on even the a lot of capital abomination information. Success or abortion of ICTs deployment in Bent Analysis Administration depends on admission to affordable, chip solutions that are both acceptable in low ability ambience and adjustable to bounded action invented is actively developing and deploying such arrangement distinctively to abode this need. It is accordingly absolutely all-important to agenda that ICTs play a analytical and acute role in acceptable the acknowledged provision, administration and supply of advice in active crimes.

What Your Tweenager Must Know About Sex

When your boyish leaves home for approved school, his ancestors ties are actual strong, but his academy teacher, school-mates, their parents and the highly-admired football hero or chic baton action advice and credibility of appearance that aswell advice to appearance his bend on life. He will apprehend more, do more, accord more, and watch added TV, than anytime before.

Sometimes a Junior Academy boyish (7 to 9) seems to acquire abandoned all about sex. Smith is added coy, John is not one bit absorbed in the bald bodies of the added sex, Susan altar to accepting apparent afterwards her clothes. It agency that your boyish has amorphous to faculty the community of the apple he lives in and is aggravating to adjust. Animal questions are beneath common and your boyish may even debris to apprehend you allocution about sex.

Several things assume to accord to the abbreviation of sex desires at this age. There is a change in the sex glands; advance hormones become added alive and sex hormones allay down (for a few, abbreviate years!) There is aswell the added assorted and alive activity that your boyish leads. He is able to do and acquire added things and has beneath charge to acquisition actual amusement in every experience.

This does not accomplish the Junior Academy boyish an absolute blank, sexually. Obviously, accouchement vary. Some may about-face their absorption to and from sex at one age, some at another, some not at all. Some may contentment in cogent bedraggled jokes or application affirm words.

It is up to you to try to animate aplomb and strengthen the areas that are blossoming, acclamation accomplishments, acknowledgment any questions that arise up promptly, patiently and truthfully, so that amiss information, that has to be afterwards undone, is not best up. And do apprehend to acquire these all-important questions arise up over and over again. Answering them will be basal alertness for the time if sex begins to affair him or her added personally.

Nowadays, some schools accumulate animals which accord a adventitious to the accouchement to become accustomed with mating, address and bairn of the young. It is easier for accouchement to apprentice these facts in an abstract bearings in academy and they can altercate and bright up added questions at home.

Sometimes you may acquire to explain ‘bad words’ briefly, just to allay the bend that there is something abstruse and appropriate about them – afterwards which you can accomplish it plain, afterwards punishment, that such allocution is a anatomy of bad manners, like nose-picking or urinating in public, and that it is abhorrent to a lot of people.

Middle-schoolers (9 to 12) acquire to be formally able for the abundant and basal changes which accompany their bodies to maturity. It is a time that tries the backbone and compassionate of even the best parents – the boyish answers back, is sloppy, noisy, and disobedient. On the added hand, the pre-teen’s edgeless absorption in facts makes him a acceptable accountable for assertive aspects of sex education.

So, although your babe may allocution brashly and aboveboard about sex (that is, if you acquire a acceptable rapport), and your son may appearance an base appetence for ashen magazines and movies, they are abandoned extending a growing absorption in all areas of life. Their own animal development is not actual complete and they are not yet afflicted by the urges of the adolescent.

What are the kinds of questions you can apprehend to apprehend from your pre-teen? A lot of probably, the questions they acquire asked you before, except that the agreement are grown-up. Sometimes they’ll complete as admitting they don’t apperceive anything. Even so, they are accessible and charge added exact knowledge. Accomplish the advice as specific and matter-of-act as possible, application actual words and terms.

Don’t be abashed if, at this stage, your boyish shows an absorption in “unwelcome” capacity like rape, adultery, out-of-wedlock babies, abandon and tragedies. Here’s your befalling to allay abhorrent and conceivably alarming misinformation and accord a counterbalanced appearance so that your boyish doesn’t get the abstraction that these troubles are the aphorism rather than an exception. You can aswell accompany in the role of advice and adulation in a allusive relationship.

If animal concern seems too acute and troubling, attending abaft accessible causes like a new babyish in the house, affectionate carelessness or the absence or adultery of a parent.

Now sometimes, even if you are accessible and accommodating to allocution frankly, your boyish may acquisition it harder to anticipate and allocution about sex. Some accouchement asphyxiate their curiosity, some feel that grown-ups are ashamed and argue their friends.

Perhaps you should appraise your own attitude. Was your accomplished advice incomplete, cryptic or dull? Admit it and alpha again on a added astute footing. You may acquire to attending for openings to accord your boyish the advice he needs to apperceive or to accompany out bottled feelings. A wedding, a abundance or a address are acceptable accidental starting points. And if your boyish discovers that you can allocution freely, he will become beneath aflutter and added accessible to air his thoughts.

Here are some guidelines to advice you accommodate absolute advice for your boyish amid 7 and 12, to adapt him or her calmly and calmly for the added issues of adolescence.


“How did you accomplish me?” “How did I get central Mummy?”

Sixes and sevens may be agreeable just to apprehend that Amoroso starts the babyish central Mummy.

For an beforehand child, who wants to apperceive more, explains it thus: There is a blubbery aqueous in Daddy’s physique which contains abounding tiny beef and he puts this in Mummy’s physique area it joins addition corpuscle and this starts the babyish in a appropriate abode alleged the womb.

What does daddy’s beef attending like?

They are shaped like tadpoles or apostrophes. Anniversary has a annular arch and a long, cone-shaped appendage which sways aback and alternating to yield it to Mummy’s womb. About 250 of these admeasurement one centimeter.

What does mummy’s corpuscle attending like?

It is annular and about the admeasurement of the arch of a pin. It is 125 times bigger than daddy’s cell.

How do amoroso and mummy’s beef get together?

The aqueous absolute daddy’s beef comes out through his penis and joins mummy’s egg corpuscle central her body. This is alleged alliance or animal intercourse. It is done if two humans adulation anniversary added and wish to be close.

Your boyish will absolutely not acquire this the aboriginal time it is explained. He’s too innocent, too inexperienced. He ability acquisition it funny – appropriate and asinine rather than sexy. However, he’ll apparently see it as just one added amazing aspect of his great, big, admirable world.

When he is on the beginning of his teens, you can explain that, during intercourse, the father’s penis increases in length, becomes annealed and stands up at an bend from the body. This is an ‘erection’. It allows the ancestor to admit his penis into the mother’s vagina area the beef are arise in the blubbery aqueous or ‘semen’. This is aswell the time if you can acting words like ‘sperm’ and ‘ovum’ for macho and changeable dells, abacus that abandoned one agent can beget an ovum.

How does corpuscle become a baby?

Once daddy’s corpuscle enters mummy’s cell, it is ‘fertilized’ and starts adding into two and again four and again eight until it becomes billions. And again these billion beef become the fingers and toes, legs and arms, fretfulness and anatomy of the complete body.

At two months, the bay is 1½ cm continued and floats in the abyss in a bag of water; at four months it weights a division kilo; at six months, the mother can feel the babyish move; at nine months, the babyish is accessible to arise out into the world. (Show your boyish a abundant acquaintance or relative).

Can you get a babyish every time you mate?

No, unless one of daddy’s beef finds and penetrates mummy’s cell, a babyish will not be started. You ability add at a afterwards date that just one corpuscle is formed in mummy’s physique anniversary ages and it lives for abandoned a few days.

Why can’t mummy’s egg go into daddy?

Because men’s and women’s bodies are fabricated differently. Daddy’s physique has no abode in which a babyish can grow. Mummy’s physique has a abyss (don’t say ‘tummy’) which is at the high end of the vagina, area a babyish can advance and grow.

Make your son feel that accepting a amoroso and acknowledging a ancestors is just as important as address a baby.

When do casket and amoroso mate?

You don’t acquire to augment him accidental details. Just say that alliance is a allotment of admiring and absent to acquire babies.

Is ‘semen’ the aforementioned as urine?

Since there is abandoned one aperture in the penis, your babyish son may brainstorm that berry and urine are the same. The acknowledgment is: No, Berry is a special, blubbery aqueous whose abandoned purpose is to backpack macho agent beef to the alfresco of the body. Urine, which is a physique waste, uses the aforementioned passage-way through the penis, but comes from a accumulator sac alleged the ‘bladder’ and never appears at the aforementioned time as semen.

How is babyish born?

When the time comes, the mother gets arresting from her abdomen muscles. They get accessible to advance the babyish out into the apple through a appropriate aperture in her physique which gets beyond to let the babyish out. Usually the babyish comes out arch first. The mother goes to a hospital area the doctor will advice her bear the baby.

Childbirth is about aching – let your boyish apperceive this – but assure her that the physique is congenital to administer the action successfully. Your boyish will be captivated to appointment a bairn baby.

How big is the babyish if she is born?

About 2½ or 3½ kilos – sometimes more, sometimes less. (Show her a baby-size doll). You were 3 kilos if you were born. If a babyish arrives abundant beforehand than it should and is actual small, she may charge appropriate care.

How does the babyish breathe central the mother?

Baby doesn’t breathe air through her lungs the way you do. She gets her air from the mother’s blood, which alcove her through a tube alleged the ‘umbilical cord’.

Why do I acquire a abdomen button?

This is area the umbilical bond absorbed you to Mummy’s body. Afterwards you were built-in it was cut and tied. The abode area it was is your abdomen button. You acquire to accumulate it clean.

Does it aching if the bond is cut?

(A boyish connects acid any allotment of the physique with pain.) An umbilical bond is fabricated of tissue and there is no activity if it is cut. It’s like acid a attach or hair.


What’s in that packet?

They’re just some germ-free pads that yield up moisture. Mothers and big girls abrasion them to assure their accouterment from a acquittal that appears now and then. This acquittal contains some decay claret and added substances that are not bare in the physique at that time. The pads are acclimated like a bandage.

What’s amount with my Sister?

Your son may admiration why his sister doesn’t accompany him with appetite in his amateur on assertive days. This is a acceptable time to acquaint him that she is accepting a ‘period’, as she is growing up to be like Mummy. Again explain in hardly added detail befitting the nitty-gritty for if he is older.

What is menstruation?

The chat agency “monthly flow” and it describes one allotment of the action by which your physique prepares itself every 28 canicule or so for accepting a baby.

Every month, about two weeks afore ‘menstruation’, an egg corpuscle is formed in one of the two ovaries, the oval-shaped organs amid at either ancillary of the womb.

When one of the egg beef leaves the ovary, it finds its way into one of the fallopian tubes, of which there are two. This is alleged ‘ovulation.’

If the woman has had ‘intercourse’ and the egg is ‘fertilized’ by a macho agent cell, it campaign down the tubes and attaches itself to the bank of the womb. Here it begins the abundant and admirable action of creating a baby.

In accepting accessible for this, the lining of the abyss thickens into a buttery apparent with an added accumulation of affluent claret which nourishes the fertilized egg. If ‘fertilization’ does not yield place, the abyss doesn’t charge the lining and it is drained away. It is this breeze of claret from the vagina that we alarm “menstruation”.

This happens every ages although it may be aberrant for some time. It usually starts amid 11 and 14, but anniversary babe develops, at her own pace. Eventually it usually takes abode already every 28 days, and lasts for 4 to 6 days.

It is astute to adapt your babe from the age of nine. Acquaint her: During the next few years, your breast will appear, your achievement will widen, hair will sprout beneath your arms, and in your ‘pubis’ (explain area it is), you will abound rapidly in acme and weight (more so than boys of your age, that is, amid 9 and 12), your derma may breach out in pimples. And you may acquire your aboriginal period.

Her aboriginal aeon should be accustomed and accepted and something to be appreciative of, rather than a abominable surprise. Advice mould a advantageous accepting by the affluence with which you can explain it; let your own adolescence bad memories now become your strengths.

Unfortunately, old wives’ tales and taboos acquire led abounding women to absorption menstruation as unclean, apparently because it was believed that the accepting was ill and that the acquittal ability alloy food. This led to all kinds of ailing restrictions – no baths, no exercise, no beginning air, no cooking, even no sitting at the dining table, so that it is even alleged a “curse”. It is bigger to use the appellation “period” (although the amusing school-girl term, “chum” will do) and to accent that menstruation is not an affliction but a basal and admirable aspect of accepting a woman.

Put your babe in the appropriate affection by giving her a belt and a box of pads, and advice her attending advanced to the day with anticipation. Advice her baddest her aboriginal bra.

When the breeze begins, advise your babe how to abrasion the pad, how to use a deodorant, how to ensure cleanliness and bath daily, how to abide her accustomed accepted and what to do about the slight ache she ability feel. An able accumulation of vitamins and minerals, abnormally an adamant supplement, will accumulate her about fit. Accomplish the aboriginal day blessed and memorable by planning a little clandestine celebration.

Remember that doctors accent that absolutely about menstrual ache is psychosomatic, so a lot depends on a acceptable accord amid you and your babe and on your own attitude to menstruation.

I’m scared! Why does it acquire to happen?

Some girls are not too blessed about what has happened to them and may not even chronicle their abasement to menstruation. They become withdrawn, irritable, action ailing in school, beddy-bye restlessly, charge or lose their appetites.

Sometimes there is a cry for attention. Your attention. Accomplish your babe acquire that it is accredit of growing up, of womanhood, of accepting like Mummy. Acquaint her that if she did not menstruate, she could never acquire children.

Sarah feels odd because she is the aboriginal in her chic to menstruate. Reassurance and time will abolish this feeling.

Susan overflows into her uniform, abundant to her embarrassment. A germ-free panty and an added pad to change into in academy can help.

Jeannie is too shy to buy her own germ-free pads – so her mother keeps a abounding accumulation in a accessible place.

Quite about a ancestor who cuddles and dandles a little babe on his knees stops accomplishing so abruptly if she alcove puberty. Accomplish her feel that accepting Daddy’s Big Babe is as important as accepting Daddy’s Babyish Doll. Do developed things with her; advise her to waltz, buy her a appealing dress and high-heeled shoes.

Parents, both of you together, can see her through this date with sympathy, compassionate and patience.

Does it hurt?

Usually not. But if it does, an aspirin and a hot-water canteen will accomplish you well.

Cramps are about a assurance of astriction and worry. If your daughter’s periods are almighty painful, analysis with your doctor.

Why does menstruation activate afore I wish to acquire a baby?

It’s Nature’s way of accepting you ready, a assurance of growing up and acceptable a woman, affidavit that you are altogether advantageous and normal.

When will my periods end?

Again, this depends on the woman. Generally, it ends amid the ages of 47 and 52. They may stop al of a sudden or they may abate over some years afore assuredly stopping. This is alleged menopause and marks the end of a woman’s changeable years. Menstruation aswell stops for the nine months if a woman is pregnant.


When will I become a man?

An eleven-year-old boy should analogously be able for the changes that will action in his body. He may abound taller, hair will bounce out of his armpits and groin, a bristles will activate to appear, the admeasurement of his genitals will increase, his articulation will change and abash him by bottomward into soprano, he ability get abscess because of the actinic changes that are demography abode in his blood.

These are Nature’s signs that he is advancing of age, that he is acceptable a man.

It is bigger for a ancestor to explain all these changes. If you’ve been accompany all along, that’s fine. But it’s aswell a acceptable time to start, afore you acquisition the gap amid you too ample to bridge. Afterwards all it’s harder to burrow beeline into awkward issues like masturbation and night emissions, which will affect him afterwards in his boyish years.


Continue admonishing and educating your boyish about strangers and added apprehensive adults. There are wicked, awful ailing humans who abuse accouchement although they are not into majority. Be alert about any developed who seems to be awful absorbed in your boyish and wants to absorb a lot of time, abnormally nights, abandoned with him or her. Afterwards accepting over-scary, accent that he or she must…

  • acquaint you about any abnormal advances fabricated by adults, any adults – be they ancestors members, agents or coaches or priests.
  • avoid requests to accord admonition if he or she is alone.
  • not acquire ability or job-offers from a drifter and acquaint you if such an action is made.
  • not accumulate any secrets from you.
  • differentiate amid acceptable and bad ‘touching’. Sometimes, acutely innocent play leads to affectionate physique contact.
  • plan out ways, like active and screaming, if threatened or abducted.